Mining is the most important industry sectors of Tanzania and place a vital role both in the industry and economy levels. The mining sector now contributes around 4.8 per cent to the GDP, up from 3.5 per cent realized over the years. The sector is expected to increase to 10% by year 2025.

Mining companies often face rigorous requirements imposed by stakeholders, including governments. The challenges of today include commodity prices and currency movements, tax optimization, efficiency and sustainability, as well as the health and safety of employees and the community.

Of particular importance to mining companies is the complex regulatory and reporting environment in which it resides. Compliance with government regulations and integrity-driven performance are top of mind for our clients. We provide clients with a customized framework for managing compliance and risk activities to ensure integrity is forthright in all aspects of operations.

Nexia Tanzania has an in-depth experience working in this increasingly complex sector. We provide industry-specific solutions and customized guidance to meet each client’s needs, in order to address business and stakeholder issues. Our service offering covers the fields of audit, operations improvements and other areas of consultancy. Our mining and energy team has the experience and resources to help start-ups, developing businesses and well-established companies to meet their commercial goals.

We have a team of sector specialists providing a range of business advisory services to projects ranging from pure exploration through evaluation into pre-production businesses. We are one of experienced auditors of mining and exploration companies in Tanzania.

Areas where we can help you:

  • Internal and external audit
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • HR solution
  • Advise on application of IFRS
  • Audit of Internal control systems over financial reporting
  • Financial Due diligence
  • Audit, Review and Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Consultation on Complex Accounting Issues
  • Small Business Advisory Services
  • Tax services

We have provided services to mining companies that include Pan African Mining Services Limited, National Mineral Development Corporation, Athi River Mining Limited, Minetec Services Limited and African Polymers division of Bulk Mining.

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