Energy: Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Sector contends with a great amount of risk and uncertainty, and yet companies have to foresee on the future to ensure financial and operational success. At Nexia Tanzania, we study trends and issues related to the sector very closely for the better understanding of the challenges which our clients are facing, and how best we can support them in order for them to be successful.

With the growth in population these products demand will increase. Bearing in mind the risks associated versus benefits of new projects, new products and the amount of capital to invest, these companies also have to consider regulatory, safety and environmental concerns. Balancing the need to supply the world with these products, companies are also looking at investments in alternative energy sources, including unconventional sources, biofuels, renewable energy sources, and ways to improve energy efficiency.

Our Tax and Audit teams have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities that face oil and gas companies when it comes to financial reporting. Between principal assets, investors and stakeholders, it is extremely important to produce accurate financial statements. We provide services to upstream, midstream, and downstream organizations. Regardless of which sector of the oil and gas industry you specialize in, and whether your focus is domestic or international, we provide solutions tailored to your industry-specific challenges.

Areas where we can help you:

  • Project Report & Feasibility Study
  • Finance advisory services
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Risk and compliance
  • Systems & IT Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Tax Services

We have provided services to the following Oil & Gas sector companies that include Geolog International BV, Southey Tanzania (Pty) Limited, Southey Mauritius (Pty) Limited, OIAG Tanzania Limited and CSI Energy.

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